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Payment method
We can only accept payments in Japanese yen made via PayPal (email or credit card mode).
Payment schedule
Total payment = 1st payment + last payment
1st paymentItem price
Last paymentCommission fee + Acquisition cost + Shipping cost + transaction fee
Commission fee
Commission fee = Basic commission fee + Additional comission fee
Latest commission fee campaign (Till Jan. 31 2017 JST)
Commission fee will be charged for total item price (in tax) in an order.
Total item price (in tax) in an order
[japanese yen]
Commission fee
[japanese yen]
1 - 3000500  300
3001 - 5000500  10%
5001 - 1000010%
10001 - 2000010%  5% + 500
20001 - above10%  5%
Acquisition cost
Real acquisition cost is charged.
This is the cost we receive your item from seller including bank transfer fee and shipping cost.
This will be from 0 yen to 1000 yen usually.
Shipping cost
Shipping cost to you from us.
Refer to here about the detail.
Transaction fee

[Only for Auto Bid service]
Transaction fee will be [(number of 1st payment - 1) x 50 yen].
* In case you pay the 1st payment only in check our process, the transaction fee will be free.

Storage fee
The storage fee will be charged for the following condition.
  • Order exceeds 7 days after we send the invoice of last payment.
  • 25 yen/item per day
(e.g.) An order has 3 items or auction.
We send the invoice on 1st September.You pay the last payment on 10 September.

The storage fee will be 150 yen (=3 items * 25 yen * 2 days).

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